May 16, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Tisei Campaign Admits To Cooking The Books In Their Poll

Richard Tisei uses outrageous, deceptive campaign tactics to mislead the 6th District

Peabody, MA –  Tisei’s pollster admitted in an interview published today that Tisei’s poll massively over represents Republicans and under represents Democrats. Assuming Democrats and Independents turn out at the same rate as in 2008, Republican turnout would need to be 152% to achieve the party breakdown in Tisei’s biased poll. What does this mean?  Given the registration makeup of the 6th District, even if every single registered Republican in the district votes in November and half of them vote TWICE, that still won’t be enough to match the sample in Tisei’s biased poll.

“This is a very misleading trick by a very desperate campaign,” said Matt Robison, Tierney’s Campaign Manager.  “Inventing non-existent Republican voters won’t change the outcome of this election or the strong support that John Tierney has earned from Democrats, Republicans, and Independents for his years of fighting for the middle class. “

“Maybe the Tisei campaign has been taking accounting lessons from their Wall Street friends at JP Morgan,” Robison added. “Richard Tisei has shown that he will do or say anything to get elected. He has unethically manipulated a poll, and he does not want voters to know he opposes the payroll tax cut that is helping the middle class."

Yesterday, Richard Tisei released internal polling numbers without providing any context or details for the poll.  His campaign claimed that Tisei currently holds a slight lead over incumbent Congressman John Tierney.

Shortly after the Tisei campaign released its polling numbers, Tisei campaign pollster John McLaughlin admitted that the poll is significantly skewed to favor Republicans.

The Salem News reported that:

“In fact, the GOP poll does have elevated Republican representation.” - 5/16/2012

“The actual makeup of registered voters in the district is 13 percent Republican, 30 percent Democrat and 57 percent independent. But their poll respondents were 22 percent Republican, 29 percent Democrat and 49 percent independent.”- 5/16/2012

The most accurate polling in this race has Congressman John Tierney ahead of his Republican opponent by a double digit margin.